August 2021

A very calm Loch Eishort early on the morning of 2nd August

July 2021

July had some lovely sunsets and this golden one was on 12th July.



June 2021

Midsummer's week and after a few cloudy nights sunset came good on Saturday 26th June.

Spring has been lovely this year and the ponds at Armadale Castle look stunning.

May 2021

The lovely nature trails around the acclaimed Armadale Castle and Gardens 2nd May

April 2021

'Coral Island' in Loch Eishort was at low tide on the 27th so a walk out with the dogs was amazing.

March 2021

19th March and Spring is in the air this week.

February 2021

Fabulous weather in early February, this is Loch Dughaill in Tarskavaig looking to the snowy Cuillin.

January 2021

January was the most amazing month for weather, this was a moonset on the 25th.


December 2020

Another year almost at an end. It was some year and so Eileen and I, Darcy and Brodie wish you a Happy Christmas

and all good wishes for 2021.

November 2020

We headed up to Sutherland for a week in November, and that is some wild and windy place.

October 2020

Eilean Donan Castle lit up in October ahead of Remembrance Day.

September 2020

A glorious September day and with low tides Coral Island was 'open' to visitors.

August 2020

10th August, the sunsets never cease to amaze!


July 2020

Brodie and Darcy enjoying summer at Tormore Forest.


June 2020

18th June another fabulous sunset!

A big rainbow over Suisnish on 11th June, it's proving to be a great summer.


May 2020

Now this was an unusual sunset on May 21st

April 2020

April has been a superb month in Skye despite the COVID-19 crisis. This was the Ord sunset on 28th April


March 2020

A lovely rainbow across the Sound of Sleat on 13th March, spring is on the way.

February 2020

CalMac's MV Lochnevis departs Armadale for Mallaig on 13th February.



January 2020

The first full moon of 2020 on 12th January


December 2019

And to end another year and begin the new decade a shot of Darcy and Brodie enjoying the sun at Armadale on Christmas Day.

November 2019

The view from Aird across to the Isle of Eigg on Friday 29th November.


October 2019

Big October sun


September 2019

One of the great Ord sunsets on 24th September!

August 2019

On a walk in Tormore Forest on 3rd August Darcy decides to go for a swim in a stream, then realises he needs some help to get out.

July 2019

An evening stroll down to the beach on July 25th I came across a girl practising her fiddle on a rock near the Fisherman's Loft in Ord. Life never surprises.

June 2019

We'll never get tired of watching the sunset from Ord. This was 22nd June just after the longest day


May 2019

Brodie enjoys himself in the bluebell woods

April 2019

The start of summer, the sun setting over the Cuillin near Drynan

March 2019

Fine days followed in March, this is Loch Meodal at the end of the Ord road.

February 2019

Another great aurora on 2nd February lighting up the sky with greens and pinks. Spectacular.

February has seen some amazing winter days, here the boys are enjoying the view!

January 2019

Happy New Year to all our guests and friends. If you come to the Hirsel you'll leave as a guest. Early morning sunlight falls on Gars Bheinn at the western end of the Cuillin Mountains.

December 2018

Christmas Eve and a beautiful full moon setting over the Cuillin


November 2018

Great rainbows in November with some lovely autumn weather

October 2018

Big skies over Tarskavaig 25th October


September 2018


Meet Brodie, an Australian Labradoodle, who is just 9 weeks old and came to join the family on 15th September. He is a wee poppet and Mr Darcy is slowly beginning to work it all out. Eileen and I, and Russell are thrilled to bits. Happy days.

August 2018

The old school road. There is an old track that links the townships of Tokavaig and Tarskavaig where two schools were in the height of the areas's population. The stepping stones are across a boggy part, surrounded by heather in full bloom.

July 2018

The nearby Distillery at Torabhaig opened in March and welcomes visitors seven days a week. It is a must for anybody with the remotest interest in whisky, so don't miss it.

June 2018

Many of our guests arrive in Skye via the CalMac ferry from Mallaig, one of the most scenic ferry crossings in Europe. In 2018 the two vessels operating are MV Loch Fyne and in the distance MV Lord of the Isles.

May and June have seen fabulous weather in Skye, so much so that a good walk in the Ord woods was good to cool off.

May 2018

Darcy enjoying a sunset on Ord beach on 27th May.

April 2018

April has been a fantastic month after a long winter in Skye. The photo is of Coral Island on 12th Apri, with kayakers and folks having a picnic on the coral beach.

March 2018

February and March saw the blue or snow moon, and on 1st March this was setting over  Garbh Bheinn, at the western end of the Cuillin Ridge.

February 2018

Winter brings some great skies in the Highlands, this was the moon setting over the Cuillin Ridge on 27th February.

January 2018

A new year and more snow falls on Skye. Early reports suggest Scotland is going to be in for a lot more of the white stuff.

December 2017

Well another year has come to an end and December has seen some lovely days with lots of snow and ice. Thank you to all of our guests who stayed with us this year, and if it was your first time at the Hirsel we hope you enjoyed your stay. We wish you all the very best for Christmas and the New Year and look forward to welcoming you in 2018.

November 2017

Armadale Castle looking splendid in the autumn sunshine on 18th November.

October 2017

October this year was a bag of very mixed weather but there were some fine sunny days. This was a view of Loch Eishort on 5th October.

September 2017

Ord is very popular with sea-kayakers with the waters of Loch Eishort providing some great paddle opportunites. This is Morag Brown of Skyak Adventures with two American clients.

August 2017

There are some lovely waterfalls in the hills around Ord, some bigger than others. This example is in the woods on the way to an area we call 'Horseshoe Bay'

July 2017

It's just a few months now before the new 'Torabhaig Distillery' in Sleat opens its doors, the first whisky distillery to be created on the Isle of Skye since 1831. This was a July view across the cooling pond.

June 2017

Eileen and I took the dogs away for a week in early June and stayed in Braemar, in the heart of the Cairngorms. This was Balmoral on 7th June before the Royal Family head up for their summer break.

May 2017

The elegant French cruise ship 'Le Boreal' made a retun call to Armadale Bay on Thursday 18th May. The vessel was moored all afternoon before sailing overnight to Tobermory in Mull.

April 2017

A few times a year the nearby Coral Island at Ord can be accessed by a causewy made up of entirely coral. On a visit on 28th April a seal pup was basking on the rocks at low tide.

March 2017

Eileen and I went to a concert at the nearby Tarskavaig Hall and just befoe the gig this was the sunset

February 2017


As someone said recently when it's good in Skye it's really good. This was the snow moon over the Cuillin Ridge on Saturday 11th February. Simply amazing!

January 2017

The Torabhaig Distillery is taking shape down at Knock Bay, just  a few miles across the hill from the Hirsel. It is due to open in July.

December 2016

Early December saw some cracking days in Skye, this was Loch Meodal on the Ord Road looking toward the Cuillin.

November 2016

Skye's first new distillery in almost 200 years is taking shape in the old steading at Knock Farm just a few miles across the hill from Ord. The 'Torabhaig' opens in early summer 2017.

November was a lovely month in Skye and this was  the stunning view across Loch na Dal to Kinloch Lodge and Restaurant, the only Michelin-starred eatery on the island.

October 2016

October was a gorgeous month here in Skye and this image is of the white house at Coral Bay just along the coast  from Ord

The sunrise on 5th October above the limestone hills of Ord. Simply spectacular.

One of the great sunrises of the year, the view from Eilean Iarmain to Loch Hourn on October 6th

September 2016


Dali and Darcy enjoy a lovely walk on the hills on 16th September

August 2016

Another beautiful Skye sunset from Ord on 27th August

July 2016

The tranquil scene at Armadale Harbour late in the afternoon of 19th July

June 2016

24th June saw a beautiful evening with the sky changing by the minute

The Paddle Steamer 'Waverley' returned again to Skye at the beginning of June, this is her arriving at Armadale Pier

May 2016


After the snow record temperatures a few days later, so why not go for a walk please!

April 2016

And then on 28th April just when we thought it was Spring, almost Summer, in Skye!

Sunset on 2nd April from Ord, this was just as it came out of the camera.

March 2016

Lovely days return in March with lots of walks with the dogs on the hills. This was on the 10th.

Mr Darcy doesn't stop running!

February 2016

The clear skies of 12th February allowed us a great view of the International Space Station as it passed over the West Coast at around 7pm. The trail shows 17 seconds of the pass,  and great to see Major Peake enjoying himself!

After the January storms we had a long weekend of perfect weather. One of our favourite views is across Coral Island in Loch Eishort on a beautiful 12th February.

January 2016

Sunshine and showers for the New Year. A big rainbow over Ord House on January 11th

A similar view but this is taken at 10pm on a cold and crispy Jan 20th night. You can see the stars above Ord, and the willowy cloud is due to the shutter being opened up to turn night into day.

December 2015

After the warm weather and blue sky in Florida we returned this week to blue sky in Skye but about 27c colder here!

November 2015

Eileen and I took a late autumn holiday to Florida at the end of November. Somewhat of a change from cold and grey Skye!

October 2015


Just close to us in Ord is the Loch Eishort Mussel Farm at Drumfearn. This was sunset on Monday 26th October just before we collected  5 kgs of wonderful mussels.

The northern lights returned to the Highlands on the 8th October. The view from the house around 10 pm. Quite amazing!

September 2015

Big skies on Skye, a walk on the hills on the 14th of September!

August 2015

A heron flies across Ord Bay, in the shadow of the Cuilin Ridge, on the 24th of August

The weather has improved and the sunset on 3rd August was one of the more unsual.

July 2015

It's not been the best summer in Skye so far but the kayakers still go out from Ord, one of the most popular locations for a number of kayak schools.


June 2015

One of the rare sunsets this spring, but a great sight from Ord on the 19th June.

May 2015


Camasdaraich Beach in Morar, across the Sound of Sleat from Skye

The village of Ord from across the river above 'Parnassus'

April 2015

Spring is here, and April has seen some beautiful days. This is the view from Tokavaig woods across Loch Eishort to the Cuillin.

Skye seems to provide some stunning sunsets. This photo was from the beach in Ord on the 19th of April.

March 2015

March has been a month of climatic contrasts. From hurricane force winds, snow, sleet, sunshine you name it we've had it. This was the beautiful sunrise at the Cluanie Reservoir in Lochalsh on the 19th on my way to Inverness at 6.00 am!

February 2015

One of the last photographs I've taken of the lonely and foreboding rowan tree that sat in the rocks on the path east of Ord. It has been there for years and was blown down in the recent storms. A great shame!

January 2015


January saw some lovely days and nights in Skye. The moon was setting here at Isle Ornsay taken just outside the Hotel Eilean Iarmain, just six miles from the Hirsel and a great wee pub.

Ord Beach early in the morning of the 29th January before all  the snow fell that weekend. Roll on summer.

December 2014

Most of December has been pretty wild in Skye but we did have a few days of calmer weather and some clear nights, this was the view from the cottage on the 28th around 10 in the evening. Eileen and I wish you a very Happy New Year and look forward to welcoming guests old and new in 2015.


The gardens at Clan Donald Skye are lovely in the winter months, with only one or two visitors walking around as well as the Guineau Fowl that are now residents of the grounds around Armadale Castle.

November 2014

November was a great month in Skye with some warm days and lovely sunsets. This is Mr Darcy on the hills on Noevember 18th.

October 2014

The lovely weather from September continued into October and on the 4th Blaven was looking spectacular from the road to Elgol

September 2014

More beaches, this was on Harris where we had a week's holiday recently.

The beautiful beach at Camasdaraich at the end of the walk to the Point of Sleat, Friday September 5th

August 2014

It's been a great summer in Skye but August has brought lots of rain and some very grey days. But the sun did come out on August 21st and the bay at Ord was looking lovely, but a little chilly.

July 2014

July has proved to be a fantastic month with record temperatures and lots of happy holidaymakers!


July 1st and what  a start to the month, it was a beautiful day and the view across Loch Eishort was simply stunning

June 2014

June has started like May, lovely weather and some gorgeous sunsets. This one was June 4th and is especially for Esther...

May 2014

The view of the Cuillin from the Sligachan Hotel, the starting point of many of the mountain trails

May has been a great month on Skye, with lovely clear days and lots of sunshine. The Cuillin from the Tokavaig Woods

April 2014

The lovely view of Ardvasar Harbour across the Sound of Sleat to Loch Nevis on Monday 28th April

March 2014

March has been pretty grim for weather but around the 11th of the month we had a lovely few days and some great skies. Sunset over the Cuillin with just a few fluffy pink clouds.

February 2014

The otters seem to like Ord more in the winter than summer, and one day on the 4th a mother and two cubs were having fun in the surf. Splash!

January 2014

12th January and a new year. This was the amazing cloud above the Cuillin

December 2013

The end of the year in Skye saw almost nothing but wind and rain then more wind and rain. Even Christmas Day saw 60mph winds and slanty rain! Eileen and I wish all of our guests a very Happy Christmas and we look forward to new guests coming to the Hirsel in 2014.

November 2013

November arrives and the snow comes to Skye. The beautiful scene of the Ord River on Sunday 10th.

October 2013

              10 days in October saw some beautiful days with blue skies and very blue seas. Ord pictured on Sunday 13th October

                                             Sunset from the beach looking across to Glasnakille and Canna in the distance

September 2013

The Gordonstoun School's 'Ocean Spirit of Moray moored peacefully in Plockton Harbour on 5th September.

August 2013

August 22nd was one of the lowest tides of the year, so the dogs and  I took a walk to Coral Island, just along from Ord, which is connected to the shore by a causeway 

July 2013

Another amazing sunset from Ord, this was at 2130 on Wednesday 31st July


Sea-kayaking is becoming very popular in Skye and so on the 22nd Eileen took to the waters on her first day with a paddle!

June 2013

The Prince's Beach in Eriskay, where Bonnie Prince Charlie landed to lead the rebellio of 1745. Eileen and I have had a week away and the weather has just been superb.

And the glorious sunsets continue, this was Blaven at 2215 on 3rd June.

May 2013

With the spring being late this year the bluebells have giving us a magnificent display. This was the Tokavaig woods on the 31st May.

April 2013

For the start of the new season we have had new signs for the cottage affixed to the fencing. Many thanks to Pam Carter for painting the wonderful sunset from Ord for Eileen's recent birthday and now we are using it for our website, signs and booking forms. Hope you like it.

Wonders will never cease. Looking up at the sky on Tuesday 9th April we saw the vapour trail of a jet that had turned completely around and headed back east across to the mainland. The trail made almost a complete circle and was seen by many people across Skye and the West Highlands.

March 2013

And later in March the fine weather continues. On one morning a group of local divers were in Ord Bay looking for some of the amazing biodiversity in Loch Eishort.

Fire in the Skye. It's been quite a week with massive muirburn fires on the hills opposite Ord on Monday to snow across the mountains on Wednesday. This was around 7.30pm on Monday.

February 2013

Spring has arrived in Ord and the snowdrops are at their finest. These were in our garden on Sunday 16th February

February has been a lovely month with more than two weeks of unbroken sunshine. This is the view of Tormore House near Aird on Tuesday the 19th.

January 2013

A new year and some crisp winter days. This was the view across to the township of Tarskavaig on  Friday 17th January, with the snow-capped peaks of the Cuillin in the distance.

December 2012

December is here and the end of another year. This was sunrise at Ord Bay on December 3rd. Eileen and Rob wish all our friends and guests a very Happy Christmas and we look forward to welcoming some of you back in 2013.

November 2012

The Whooper Swans are moving south, these were five on the Black Lochs near Broadford on November 2nd.

October 2012


The lovely view across Loch Eishort on Wednesday 10th October, with its glorious blaze of colours

September 2012

A good day out from Ord is to take the day trip by ferry from Armadale via Mallaig to the Small Isles. This was a view of the Isle of Canna from Sanday on Wednesday September 12th

One of the great sights in Ord. The lonely windswept rowan tree on the track to Coral Bay, fighting against the elements but still producing many red  berries each autumn. Photographed 28th September

August 2012


 Fire above the hills, the sun setting behind the Cuillin Ridge, August 5th  



A raft of oyster catchers play in Ord Bay

July 2012

July continues to have some great weather and wonderful sunsets. This was the view from the cottage late in the evening on 16th July.

Clan Donald Skye has two male peacocks, one of whom lost a few feathers outside the Museum of the Isles recently. 

June 2012

Ord celebrated the Jubilee with a great turn out of villagers and visitors with a party at Ord House followed by a big bonfire on the beach. It was a beautiful evening with a wonderful sunset framed through the flames of the fire.

Ord moved to Eriskay this week with Eileen and I taking a break on this tiny island at the southern tip of the Outer Hebrides, made famous for the Whisky Galore film in the 50's, it's ponies, and this beach was where Bonnie Prince Charlie landed in the Hebrides enroute to the Highlands!

May 2012

May is proving to be a fantastic month for weather in Skye, with wall to wall sunshine, and by the 26th temperatures in Ord reached 29'c Phew. This was the peaceful scene at Eilean Donan Castle on Wednesday 9th May at around 6.30am.

The sun continues to shine. The bay at Tarskavaig on the morning of 3rd May. Almost tropical!

April 2012

Life on Skye. Gordon Brown's kayaks taking a break on the beach in Ord on April 30th.

April 2012

April sees the arrival of the wee lambs and these twins were walking quite boldly up the Ord Road

The village of Ord on Wednesday morning 11th April, looking pretty in the morning sun

March 2012

Back from one paradise to another. Back in Ord the weather has been superb, and the wet, grey winter seems a while ago. The otters are out and about and this was a cub in a small cave just near the cottage on Saturday 23rd. He think the otter was as surprised as I was!

Well it's not quite Ord beach in March but actually Malabar Beach on the west coast of St Lucia, where Eileen and I are enjoying a holiday in the sun. Back with a Skye picture next week.

February 2012

We were over at Glenelg on Thursday 16th having the wee dogs clipped, and stopped at the Skyeferry slipway, and within a few minutes what a surprise.  A mother and two cubs, although the second of the babes was hidden in the cave. What a great sight, and a very special one.

It's been a lovely week here in Skye and this was the sunrise across the Cuillins from Ord on Monday 6th February at around 8.00 in the morning. Lovely colours of pinks, and spring is just around the corner, we hope!

January 2012

A new year for Skye, but with lots of rain and very little snow. This was the view across Tormore House in the south of Sleat on 5th January. We are looking forward to the summer and to welcome new guests and returning friends.

December 2011

We wish we could have posted some pictures of Ord in the snow at Christmas, but alas the whole month has been wet, windy and very grey. So to wish you all a Happy New Year there is an image of the Cuillin from the house and let's hope we get some good weather soon. Don't let it put you off for the summer, it will get better. Happy New Year from Rob and Eileen


It's December and another year is almost over. Ord continues to amaze us with it's colours, sights and sounds. This was the view across the loch to Blaven on 7th December. Eileen and I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and all good wishes for 2012.

November 2011

One of the many rainbows we have out across Loch Eishort. This was Saturday 5th November at 1100.

October 2011

It seems to have rained almost every day so far in October but a break in the showers on 5th October meant a walk on the hills above Loch Eishort. This is Coral Bay looking across to Boreraig.

September 2011

Lots of excitement in Ord this week with the arrival of our new puppy, Mr Darcy, who at eight weeks is settling in well and enjoying the garden and getting to know Dali, his new big brother! Darcy is a Sporting Lucas Terrier, a relatively new breed and we are all thrilled to bits! 


 August 2011

Unlike July it seems to have rained most days in August but on the 3rd Dali and I went for a long walk on the hills above Ord. This is the view looking out across 'Coral Island' on Loch Eishort towards the Cuillin. He had a great time and stopped here to admire the view!

July 2011

Archie, the Skye Terrier, Ord's newest resident dries himself on the rocks on the beach after a paddle in the surf. Archie and his friends were seen July 30th on Ord beach!

Ord still comtinues to wow in the sunset league. This was around 1030pm on Friday 8th July,  looking from the beach across Loch Eishort to the Cuillin. Fire in the sky!

June 2011

Sunday morning, June 12th at 0700 with the flag irises framing the beach at Ord looking across to Loch Eishort and Blaven.

May 2011

Eileen and I just had a week on Eriskay in the Outer Hebrides and came across this old boat at the An Acarsaid harbour on the island. Memories of a sea-faring past, taken on Thursday 19th May.

April 2011

Summer's almost here and this was the view from the house and cottage on Wednesday 20th April with the sun setting behind the famous 'Dog's Tooth', the most western summit of the Cuillin Ridge.

March 2011

A new season, and a new project. Eileen and I have installed a new kitchen in the cottage this summer, of which we are really pleased. We hope that it is a great added facility to the Hirsel and trust that our guests will enjoy using  it.!  Not quite a landscape picture but then again Rob makes up the rules!

February 2011

February 27th and a great sunset from Ord looking across Loch Eishort to the island of Canna. Skye has had great weather overall in February, a little different to December!

January 2011

Happy New Year from Skye. Well it snowed almost all of December and early in January the cold white stuff is back. This was the scene looking through the lonely trees to Ord beach, Loch Eishort and the Cuillin in the distance, photographed on Saturday 8th January.

December 2010

Christmas 2010 and the coldest December for 100 years. Ord had temperatures below zero for all but two days and the white stuff was still on the ground on the 25th. The picture is of the moon setting on the 21st over Blaven. Eileen and I wish you all the very best for 2011 and we look forwarding to welcoming guests to the Hirsel this year and a special welcome for our returning friends.

November 2010

Like the rest of the country Ord has experienced it's coldest start to a winter in many years. The river was frozen in places and the picture shows the view across Loch Eishort to a very snowy Cuilins. Pictured on 29th November

Winter has come early to Ord, and this was a view from the cottage across the Cuillins to the Ridge and the Inaccessible Pinnacle on 18th of November

October 2010

 It is with huge sadness that we have to say that we lost our fantastic Spanish Water Dog, Seve, on the 24th October. We miss him so much and treasure his short life.

September 2010

High above the small township of Camuscross is the wonderful view across the Sound of Sleat to Loch Hourn, Arnisdale and Corran. It was a beautiful day on Sunday 26th September

August 2010

For the weather watchers Skye had an awful July but August has started better and this was one of Ord's lovely sunsets on Tuesday 10th August

July 2010


The fruits of the sea. Skye is a wonderful place if you like seafood and these colourful langoustines had just been hauled out of the Sound of Sleat and packed up ready to be sent to some of the finest dining tables in Scotland. And some even find their way to Spain!  July 23rd at Mallaig harbour.

June 2010

Early June again provided some wonderful sunsets in Ord this year. June 4th was a lovely sky, added to with the ripples of a pebble tossed in to the calm water.



One of the great sights of Scotland! We spent over an hour watching a sea eagle at the Kylerhea narrows on Wednesday 9th June. Wildlife in the wild!

May 2010

What a great place for a walk. This was a beach Barra in the Outer Hebrides, a few hundred yards away from the airport where the little planes still land on the beach. A world away from Ord.

April 2010

Spring has finally arrived in Ord with a week of beautiful warm weather, with the lambs arriving in the field. This was farmer Donald John MacInnes feeding the fluffy things on Wednesday 14th April.


The Hirsel had an unsual guest this week. Torty had a week's holiday in Skye with his guests Carol and Ian. He enjoyed early spring sunshine, eating dandelions, in fact he looked really dandylion on the ground!

March 2010

The Skye Bridge frames a great sunset, on a freezing cold night, on Monday 29th March. Summer is on its way?

February 2010

February has been a superb month in Ord, although very cold and clear. The village is well known for it's otters and this dog otter paid  a close up visit on Monday 22nd.. By far the best sighting we've seen of an otter since we arrived in Ord.

And on Monday 1st March the sun came out again and so did our favourite otter!


10th February and the snow won't go away. This is a view of the village of Camuscross, near Isle Ornsay, Sleat, looking across the Sound of Sleat to Loch Hourn.

January 2010

Welcome to 2010 and Skye like everywere else is experiencing ' Life in the Freezer'. This was Blaven, in the Cuillins on Friday 8th January at 1030 in the morning when it was -13c.  A majestic view but it was really cold. A very Happy New Year to all our friends, guests and future customers.

December 2009

The majesty of Eilean Donan Castle, at Dornie, on Christmas Eve. One of the great sights in Scotland.

It's almost Christmas and the snow has come to Ord. This is the view from above the village looking across to the Cuilins, late afternoon on Saturday 19th December. Eileen and I wish you all a very Happy Christmas.

November 2009

Another great sunset. This was late afternoon on the 7th November from the hills above Ord, looking across Loch Eishort to the sun setting over the Cuillin of Rum.

October 2009

October 21st and one of the west coasts great sunsets. This was from Tarskavaig looking across to Rum, Canna and further west Harris and Lewis. In the right of the picture is the village of Elgol, gateway to the mighty Cuillin.

Autumn comes to Skye at last. It seems to have rained since August but Friday 16th saw a beautiful day, with the colours of autumn about to show their very best. This is the Stables at the Clan Donald Centre, Armadale, with one of natures finest!

September 2009

Rowan berries

Autumn is on its way, and this is a picture of some pink rowan berries in the garden in Ord.  The rowan trees are packed with red berries this year, so that may be a sign of a cold winter. Bad for humans but great for photographers to get out and snap!  Filmed on 13th Sep.

August 2009

 An evening canoe trip sets off from Ord, across Loch Eishort

One of our guests, Gordon Dixon, sets out on an evening cruise across Loch Eishort. This picture was published on the BBC Scotland website, about the 5th picture of Rob's they have used. It was a lovely night for a canoe across calm waters.


July 2009

Ord Beach, Saturday July 11th

The beach in Ord on Saturday 11th July. It was a beautiful day, with clear blue skies and a calm Loch Eishort.

June 2009

What a  great start to June.  Although not in Skye the dolphins at Chanonry Point on the Black Isle were having great fun in the Moray Firth on June 1st. The  big dolphin is 'Sundance', and is one of a number of dolphins that can be adopted at the firth through the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. It was a fantastic sight, contact us if you'd like to see more dramatic images from Inverness.

Another Cuillin sunset

Ord seems to have lovely sunsets in June, this was Saturday 6th June looking across Loch Eishort. Around 1030pm!

May 2009

The Waverley approaching Armadale

The Waverley, BritaIns last ocean-going paddle steamer arrives at Armadale on Saturday 30th May bringing visitors from Glasgow, Oban and Mull. She did a short crossing to Inverie in Knoydart, before returning south. Skye gave her a great welcome with glorious weather.

Dali and Seve having fun in the waters of Ord

Sorry I couldn't resist this one. Skye had a great week of weather and so our two dogs Seve, and Dali were out having fun off the beach in Ord.

Camusdarach Beach, Arisaig

The beautiful golden sands of Camusdarach beach, near Arisaig, on Lochabers west coast. Camusdarach was the setting for the 1983 hit movie 'Local Hero'.

 April 2009

Loch Eishort and the Cuillins from Ord

Another of Loch Eishorts colourful sunsets. This was Tuesday April 28th looking through the rowan trees at Ord beach.

April has seen much actvitiy from the Golden Eagles in Ord, and this male was enjoying the morning sun on an old tree just up the road.  Sunday April 12th.

 March 2009

Ord's Golden  Eagles

Spring is in the air, as are Ord's eagles. The two golden eagles are back in the glen above the village and this week on March 18th gave a great display. As in previous years we are hoping that the pair successfully breed again.

Fun in the water

Fun in the water. Seve, one of our two Spanish Water dogs loves the sea and dives off the jetty into the icy waters of Loch Eishort.  Incidentally Eishort in Norse means ' ice fjord', and the waters off the beach are just that. 5th March at 1230!

February 2009

The first weeks of February

A tranquil view over the Cuillins on Wednesday 11th February.

The Cuillins by night

This was the view from Ord across Loch Eishort at 2200 on February 7th. The sky was full of stars, having had an early evening fall of snow in the village. You can see the stars in the sky above the Cuillins. One of Rob's favourite pictures of the year so far.

January 2009

New Years Day frozen puddles

New Years Day. One of many frozen puddles close to the beach in Ord when an autumn leaf was trapped in the icy waters! 1st  January 2009.

December 2008

The moon setting over Loch Eishort at 0820 on the 13th of December

The moon's a balloon. A gorgeous setting of  a very bright moon over Loch Eishort at 0820 on the 13th of December. This is the moon that at this time is the brightest for 15 years when it is closest to the Earth.  It was a great sight!

 November 2008

Blaven from the road to Elgol

The beauty of a still loch on a winter day. Blaven  ( Bla Bheinn ) photographed on the road from Broadford to Elgol on Saturday 29th November.

The glory of Britain. Loch Hourn on the mainland looking east in all its resplendent colours. Photographed on Tuesday 4th November at 1540.

October 2008

The monarch of the glen

The monarch of the glen. A 12 pointer stag photographed alongside the road to Ord on Friday 24th of October around 5.00pm. Perhaps worth a second picture for October.

Waterfalls on the road to Ord

The gentle waters of a water-fall along the road to Ord photographed on Wednesday 8th October.

September 2008

Sparrow hawk having supper!

Sunday evening September 21st and a local Sparrowhawk devours a Collared Dove in a neighbours garden in Ord.

August 2008

The western end of the Cuillin Ridge photographed over Loch Eishort from the Tarskavaig loop road on Sunday August 3rd.

July 2008

The ruined church at Tarskavaig

Memories of the past. The ruined church at Tarskavaig still has its pews and alter, long after the last services were held. The old building is now at the hands of the Skye weather!  July 26th.

June 2008

The beach at Sanna, Ardnamurchan, Lochaber on Sunday 1st June. Just 62 miles by ferry and road from Ord.

May 2008

 Plockton, Wester Ross. ' The jewel of the Highlands', photographed on Tuesday 13th May.

April 2008

Sunset over the Cuillins

Sunset from Ord taken on the 15th April 9.00 pm!

 March 2008

Ord Beach, Loch Eishort and the Cuillins, March 4th 2008

Ord Beach, Loch Eishort and Blaven photographed on the 4th of March.

 February 2008

Eilean Donan Castle at Dornie

Eilean Donan Castle at Dornie photographed on Monday 18th February 2008 at around 6.30pm. 

January 2008

A new year and a new moon. Photographed over Ord early in January 2008.

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